Storm Water Regulations

Storm Water Regulations

The Federal Clean Water Act (CWA) requires the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate storm water discharge into bodies of water in the United States.  The EPA issued regulations in 1999 to protect storm water quality in small cities and urbanized areas.  In Texas, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) was delegated the responsibility for implementing the regulations, commonly called the Phase II Storm Water Program, and ensuring compliance. 

The City developed and implemented a Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) to comply with the requirements of the Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) General Permit No. TXR040000.  The SWMP includes Best Management Practices (BMPs) that will be implemented by the City to reduce storm water pollution to the "maximum extent practicable”, as regulations require.  Common pollutants include oil and grease from roadways, pesticides from lawns, sediment from construction sites, and carelessly discarded trash, such as cigarette butts, paper wrappers, and plastic bottles.  When deposited into nearby waterways through Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) discharges, these pollutants can impair the waterways, thereby discouraging recreational use of the resource, contaminating drinking water supplies, and interfering with the habitat for fish, other aquatic organisms, and wildlife.

One of our goals is to ensure that awareness is raised with respect to the importance of appropriately disposing of waste products, such as used oil, antifreeze, or other contaminants.  A very small amount of motor oil or anti-freeze dumped into the storm water inlets will pollute hundreds of thousands of gallons of water.  Please remember that anything that goes into a storm water inlet will eventually become a part of your drinking water.  We ask all of you to join with the City to help clean up the storm water run-off before it leaves Westworth Village. 

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REPORT ILLEGAL DUMPING by calling the Westworth Village Utilities Dept at 817-710-2506.