Victim Assistance

Protective Orders

Who is eligible for a protective order?

If the court finds that family violence has occurred and is likely to occur again, a court shall render a protective order. To obtain a protective order, the victim and the offender must be (1) related by blood or marriage, (2) living together, or previously lived together, or (3) have a child together.

A person who has a divorce pending is eligible for a protective order. The protective order must be filed in the court in which the divorce is pending.

How can I get a protective order?

You can apply for a protective order through the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office (for residents of Tarrant County) at 817-884-1623, a private attorney, or through a legal aid service program such as Legal Aid of Northwest Texas at 1-888-529-5277. The application must be filed in the county in which you or the offender lives. There are no minimum time limits to establish residency, and protective orders are available in every county in Texas.

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